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General Information #12461

Residential Land located Near Ocotillo Off Road SVRA Area.

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Crossing highways/freeways: S-22 AND HIGHWAY 86.

Ocotillo Wells

Ocotillo Wells County Airport offers two dirt runways.[2] Runway extents are marked by white paving blocks. The Los Puertecitos Historic Site is on State Route 78 about 1.5 miles (2.4 km) west of the community.[3] Gasoline is available in Borrego Springs (17 mi or 27 km west), in Westmorland (18 mi or 29 km east) and at the Blu-In Cafe (3 mi or 4.8 km east). Gas may not always be available the Blu-In Cafe which, besides the gas station, operates a restaurant, store, and RV park. Gas has not been available at the Blue-In in over 3 years (2011). Several other small businesses sell off-road accessories and rent all-terrain vehicles. Most businesses in the area are closed during the summer months. My Desert Rose, which was a traditional restaurant located at the intersection of Highway 78 and Split Mountain Road, burned down in 2008.

California State Parks’ Ocotillo Wells SVRA has over 80,000 acres of magnificent desert for off-road exploration and recreation, including a 4X4 training area. Outside its boundaries, to the south and east, large tracts of BLM land are also open to off-highway vehicles. The western boundary and part of the northern boundary connect with the half-million acre Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, which is closed to off-road recreation, but open to exploration by highway-legal vehicles along established primitive roads.

Riding in both the new Truck haven addition north of S-22 and the area east of Pole line Road is restricted to roads and trails only. Much of these two areas is actually federal or state land which Ocotillo Wells SVRA is allowed to manage, so this policy is essential for continued OHV access here. These two parcels are not open riding areas and this policy is enforced.

Vehicle repair shops and restaurants are available in the towns of Borrego Springs, Salton Sea, and Ocotillo Wells.

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Off-road recreation

The California Department of Parks and Recreation operates the Ocotillo Wells State Vehicle Recreation Area which borders the community. This off-road vehicle area is part of the department’s Southern Division, Ocotillo Wells District which is headquartered in Borrego Springs.[4]

Features in the park include:

  • Blowsand Hill, visible from Highway 78 and located between Ranger Station Road and Main Street
  • Devils Slide, a small sand dune adjacent to a steep rocky hill
  • Shell Reef
  • Gas Dome
  • Pumpkin Patch


Land Specifics

Assessor Parcel Number (APN): 007-905-008
Road Access: PAVED ROAD
Slope Description: MOSTLY FLAT
Legal Description: Lot 08 Block 10 Tract 779

Zoning: R-1

Land Specifics

Assessor Parcel Number (APN): 007-905-008-000
Road Access: Veronica Ave & Monica Ave
Slope Description: Mostly Flat
Legal Description: Lot 08 Block 10 Tract 779
Dimensions: 140 x 85
Zoning: Low Density Residential
Zoning Code: R-1
Zoning Definition: The purpose of the LOW DENSITY RESIDENTIAL ZONE (R-1) is to designate areas that are and will be suitable for traditional smaller lot(s) with single family homes and related compatible or accessory uses. Typically the R-1 Zones are to be characterized by single family residential subdivisions. The maximum density for the R-1 Zone shall not exceed five (5) dwelling units per (net) acre, except that an increase for density bonus consideration, and/or an increase under Division 3, Chapter 1, may be considered. No new R- 1 development shall be allowed unless full infrastructure, which at a minimum shall include sewer, water treatment and streets meeting County standards are provided.