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The investment value of buying land in California is something that has become somewhat of a hot topic among real estate investors over the past few years. However, the concept of investing in land is something that many of the world’s most creative and impressive minds have been in support of for years. One of the benefits of buying land is that unlike purchasing an already developed piece of real estate, the land that you purchase is yours to develop as you see fit, or to leave as it is. This can be a huge benefit for real estate investors as it allows for projects to develop over time, and without there necessarily being an imposing rush or time frame.
Buy land, they are not making it anymore.” – Mark Twain
One of the undisputed benefits of investing in a piece of land is that land is certainly not something that is going to be reproduced. This means that the lots of lands that are available for sale are not likely to go down in value either. For years, the concept of purchasing an undeveloped plot of land is an idea that has brought up some debate in terms of the real value in buying that or an already developed plot of land is a wiser investment. While there are obvious benefits to purchasing an already developed plot of land, the freedom, as previously discussed, in deciding what to do, or to simply leave it alone and use it for camping or entertainment is one that many real estate investors appreciate.


For many, the idea of investing in real estate, or purchasing a piece of land can seem to be more of a fantasy as opposed to a reality, however, that does not always have to be the case. For people interested in purchasing land in the state of California, particularly in the northern part, or the Greater Los Angeles area financing can actually be as low as 0%, making it more possible for many prospective buyers.
The desert land in and throughout the state of California is considered, in large part, considered to be listed at a bargain price, with some lots listed for less than $30,000. That price can increase depending on the size of the lot that is being considered, however, the general consensus is that desert land for sale in the northern part of California is for sale at a great price, and offers real estate investors a solid option that will not decrease in value.


Additionally, by sitting on a plot of land, especially lots of land that are available at such low prices like those in California, real estate investors are able to sit on a piece of real estate that they know will become an in-demand commodity. While there is land available now, the reality is that Mark Twin and Will Rogers were right when they said that “they ain’t making any more”. In time, the demand for land for real estate developers to build on will continue to grow, and these lots that are for sale now will become a sought after piece of real estate.
For many people, the idea of buying a piece of real estate involves buying an already developed land. This, however, is a trend that we are beginning to see a change in, with more and more people beginning to see the advantages of purchasing undeveloped pieces of land. Because of the increased number of potential buyers, and general interest in purchasing desert land, there are a number of excellent resources available online. These resources can help you every step of the way, from finding the ideal plot of land for you, and what you are hoping to do with it, to finding the best financing, development options and opportunities.

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