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Residential Land located Near Ocotillo Off Road SVRA Area.  

Have you ever wanted to own a Deeded Piece of Property near the Off-Road Park?
Here is your Golden Opportunity. For the First time, My Desert Properties LLC is offering this unique property for sale. With ownership of 150 Lots in the Tract, My Desert Properties LLC is going to offer a total of 100 Lots to the Public for purchase. The remaining Lots will be held for Future Custom Homes.

With Payments Starting as low as $99 per month and One-Year ZERO (0%) Interest, you can’t GO WRONG. Build your Dream Desert Home, come Camp on the Weekend or simply buy to own something that will never be offered again. It’s up to you!

Lots will go fast so ACT NOW!!!
See our LOTS FOR SALE Now below. If you don’t see what you are looking for, send us an email for Lot Availability @
Sales@getlandtoday.com or Call 844-693-3737 Ext 101.

Features Included in the Park

  • Blowsand Hill, visible from Highway 78 and located between Ranger Station Road and Main Street
  • Devils Slide, a small sand dune adjacent to a steep rocky hill
  • Shell Reef
  • Gas Dome
  • Pumpkin Patch